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January 2015
The company won the national "green factory" and national intellectual property advantage enterprise. Adhering to the quality tradition and embracing the smart future, the company released the industry's first "white paper on smart elevator".
The first global marketing conference of YidaExpress Elevator was successfully held. Industry leaders, media representatives and dealers from all over the world gathered together to participate in the event.
"Smart elevator" was selected as the first product in the key field of equipment manufacturing industry in Zhejiang Province in 2020, and "Elevator Internet Intelligent Manufacturing Factory " Zhejiang Xinyi Technology Co., Ltd. officially started.
The company deeply promotes "integration of informatization and industrialization" and "machine replacement", and becomes the pioneer of industrial upgrading. Italian "Savanini" automatic flexible sheet metal production line, elevator door panel automatic special production line, Wagner automatic spraying line, door jamb automatic special production line, stiffener automatic special production line and other advanced equipment have been put into use, the production accuracy, production efficiency and product quality have been greatly improved.
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The registered capital of the company increased to RMB 2000.8 million, the total investment increased to RMB 3600.8 million, the export scale ranked the top in the province, and the district government awarded the title of "Xinniu" enterprise and government quality award-winning enterprise.
The company became the "director unit of China Elevator Association" and "national high-tech enterprise", and successfully developed 12 ton traction freight elevator and 4 ton machine roomless freight elevator. It was one of the few domestic enterprises with 12 ton heavy-duty elevator manufacturing license at that time. In November, with the approval of the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the company changed its name to "Yida express Elevator Co., Ltd.".

With a total investment of 320 million yuan and an area of 109 mu, the new phase III plant of the company has been put into use. There are modern production workshops, office buildings, electric control buildings, research and development centers, logistics centers, talent apartments, enterprise exhibition centers, industry-leading testing centers and elevator test towers with a height of about 110 meters in the plant, forming an annual production scale of 30000 electric elevators (escalators).

The products of the company have passed the state certification of Russia and Ukraine, and successfully entered the markets of the former Soviet Union.
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In July, the company merged with American Express Elevator Co., Ltd. to become a Sino US joint venture, and changed its name to Zhejiang YidaExpress Elevator Co., Ltd. In the same year, the company obtained the manufacturing license qualification of 4m/s traction passenger elevator, ranking the leading level in China at that time.
The company has obtained A-class special equipment (elevator) manufacturing license issued by AQSIQ, and has become one of the earliest domestic enterprises to obtain A-class elevator manufacturing license.

The second phase plant expansion project of the company was completed, and the escalator production line was moved into a new production workshop covering an area of about 19 mu.

Yida elevator has passed the EU CE certification, which opened the door to the overseas elevator market, and entered a new stage of international development. In the same year, Yida elevator was installed in Bangladesh "ITC" project for the first time.
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With the approval of the superior party committee, YidaElevator Party branch composed of five advanced representatives of the company's Communist Party members was established. In the same year, the trade union committee of the company was formally established with approval.
The company obtained the whole machine production license and began to promote its own brand. The first "Yida" elevator was located in the office building of Huzhou film company.

Due to the need of development, the construction of the new phase II plant with an area of 23 mu was completed, and the company moved to the phase II plant. At the same time, the number of employees of the company has increased from more than 10 at the beginning to more than 100.

In February, the company changed its name to "Zhejiang YidaHexie Elevator Co., Ltd.".

In October, the company was officially established. The first phase of the factory is located in NanxunScience and Technology Industrial Park, which is engaged in the production and OEM processing of elevator parts.

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