Intelligent manufacturing gives wings to Yida's rapid transformation and upgrading

With the advent of the Internet era, the development of the elevator industry will be upgraded and transformed from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing. YidaExpress Elevator continues to deepen the "integration of industrialization and industrialization" and carry out the reform of "intelligent factory".

More than 100 million yuan has been invested in equipment upgrading and intelligent construction

Go into the intelligent production workshop of YidaExpress Elevator, several automatic production lines are running at high speed. At present, the company has a flexible car wall production line, landing door automatic production line, electrostatic powder spraying line, car bottom automatic welding line, laser cutting automatic line and many other intelligent advanced production lines, greatly improving the production efficiency.

Traction machine assembly production line
It mainly produces permanent magnet synchronous traction machine of WYT-T type. The production line is equipped with a quiet test room where the traction machine can get noise detectiondirectly after assembly, and thenqualified products get packed to ensure that every product can meet the requirements.
Door operator production line
The production line has 10 stations, with working time of 8 minutes per machine and a daily output of 55 units, it can meet the order requirements of company's annual output of 15000 sets.
Car wall flexible production line
The front end is Italy Salvagnini sheet metal processing line. The back end is developed jointly by our company and professional design units, which composed of automatic viscose, welding and packing robots. The entire pipeline connects with EAP system directly, it can import production orders through the EAP system to complete material, punching, shearing, folding, adhesive, welding and other processes automatically, and finally complete the automatic loading. It takes 10 employees one day to produce 100 car walls by traditional production line, but by this production line, it only takes three workers 75 minutes to complete. That is to say, the production efficiency has increased more than 20 times.
Landing door fully automatic production line
This is developed jointly by our company and professional design units, which composed of automatic feeding machine, automatic punching machine, precision bending machine, and bending, handling, welding, stacking, loading robots produced by Switzerland ABB company. The production line connects with EAP system, choose the relative material automatically according to the input instructions and complete punching, bending, strengthen tendons bonding, welding, auto-spray painting automatically. The production efficiency has increased by 20 times compared with traditional production line.
Automatic painting line
It is composed of Germany Wagner cyclone powder room system and Fanuc auto-fill powder robot.The powder is more uniform compared with traditional painting line to ensure good appearance, corrosion resistance, and more stable quality. With Henkel latest phosphorus environmental nano-ceramic technology, it can make material processing more thoroughly, stronger performance of anti-wearing&corrosion resistance, environmental protection, high efficiency, and lower energy consumption.
Project of robot automatic painting line
Landing door automatic production line is connected with painting line through robot. After landing doors off the production line, they are hung to the painting line by robot and offline after being painted, then stick film automatically and packed by robot finally. The whole process does not need manual operation. With high degree of automation, the labor intensity can be reduced. The robot can automatically match the working speed of the painting line to ensure the stability during hanging. The contact position of hooks and components is stable so as to avoid components falling down in the process of running.
Laser production line
1. Laser cutting line is composed of three sets of fiber laser cutting machine.They are integrated together by automatic loading and unloading device.Only one person is needed to operate. It can complete shearing and cutting holes at the same time, which reduce the material conversion process. Production efficiency has been greatly improved. 2. The laser cutting machine adopts fiber laser, which has high precision, fast response speed of drive and transmission system, fast motion speed and strong acceleration ability; 3. It equipped with exchange worktable, automatic loading and unloading, so as to short the standby time, and effectively improve the working efficiency by more than 50%; 4. The fiber laser cutting machine can be used after starting up, with high cutting speed.
Car bottom automatic line
1.Car bottom plate is welded by automatic little welding car. After process parameters have been set, the welding speed and time are fixed to ensure the welding quality, reduce welding skill requirements for welding workers. 2.Automatic welding can ensure the flatness of the bottom plate after welding without manual leveling. 3.Change the car bottom stiffener welding process into resistance welding so thatindividual welding strength can reach 9000 N / point, which increase the connection strength between car bottom and stiffener. 4.This automatic welding machine can greatly reduce the amount of manual welding. It not only improves product quality, but also reduces the labor intensity of workers. Compared with manual welding, the production efficiency can be increased by 6~8 times.
Escalator assembly line
In this line, work stations are set reasonablybased oncomponent assembly time, using little rail car to drive the truss, and balancing each work station's producingtime to improve production efficiency. The second phase ofescalator production line we currently implementing includesgantry tooling and integrated pipeline system to further improve the assembly precision and productivity. In order to ensure the quality, we will addnoise testing room to test every escalator's performance so as to ensure smooth operation of escalators. It will not be delivered until the noise is below 65 decibels.
Intelligence in daily management of enterprises
EAP management system
SigmaNEST intelligent material management system

The automation in the production process has led to the intelligence of the enterprise in daily management. EAP management system makes use of advanced data communication technology to connect the production line with the system seamlessly, so that the information flow runs through every link of sales, technology, production and service. From contract signing, technical processing, purchase order generation, production planning and scheduling, purchasing materials into the warehouse, inspection, packing, delivery and so on, every link of factory operation is completed online. SigmaNESTintelligent material management system can directly convert EAP information into production instructions, convert threedimensional drawings into equipment operation procedures, and feed back production progress to display system in real time. Finally, it realizes machine networking, which makes the intelligent factory move to a higher step.

YidaExpress Elevator Testing Center strictly controls the quality
International Accreditation Forum
International Labo-ratory Accreditation Organization

With more and more attention paid to the safety of elevators, in YidaExpress Elevator Testing Center, many testing projects such as weather resistance, life test, fatigue test, destructive test and material physical property test of elevator components are carried out here, and the test results are obtained by International Accreditation Forum (IAF), International Laboratory accreditation organization (ILAC) and Pacific Accreditation Cooperation Group (PAC) and other organizations approved, strictly control the elevator quality and safety.

Pacific Accred-
itation Cooperation Group
China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment
Energy saving and environmental protection driven by independent innovation

YidaExpress Elevator follows the concept of "green development" and runs "green" through every link of factory layout, product design, production and manufacturing, operation and management. The factory is built according to the national green building evaluation standard. The building adopts new energysaving and environmental protection materials, and uses renewable energy such as solar energy to replace electric energy for lighting, which is lowcarbon and environmentally friendly. The energy consumption of EKW50 / EKW55 series elevators developed by the company has reached the "A" green level of VDI4707 certification, which is at the international leading level. In terms of production and manufacturing, enterprises can save energy and reduce emissions, improve production efficiency and product quality, and ensure the safety of employees through machine replacement and automatic flow process. In the aspect of management innovation, integrated information management is carried out to shorten the design and production cycle of products and basically realize paperless office.

Enterprises take the initiative to apply for ISO14001 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification and score project certification of international labor organization. Through the introduction of international standard system and advanced management mode, enterprises can further improve their green operation and management ability, and strive to promote the transformation and upgrading and green development of elevator industry.