Residential community
Yida express elevator provides a comprehensive vertical transportation solution suitable for all kinds of buildings to fully meet your needs. From quality to comfort, with the excellent characteristics of quiet, comfortable and reliable, it makes you feel at home every time when you go home according to the five-star standard.
You can experience green and safe ride experience

Yida Express passenger elevator series products always focus on the core goal of "expanding urban space and safe riding". From quality to comfort, relying on innovative research and development, sophisticated manufacturing, and providing fivestar standards for urban vertical transportation,a more perfect solution will make you "home away from home" every time you go home, improve the quality of life in your living space, and let you always feel the vertical convenience of both beauty and comfort. The perfect residential elevator solution injects strength into harmonious communities and promotes the construction of civilized and beautiful homes.

Adhere to the tradition of quality, strict in design, proficient in manufacturing
Intelligent management
High speed data transmission
Green energy saving
Product design
Reduce carbon emissions from urban buildings!
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