Commercial centre
Deeply excavate the property of commercial elevator, realize the beautiful sight of sightseeing with transparent car design, integrate the elevator and building with beautiful appearance, and enjoy the beauty in the city.
Elevator solutions for office buildings and commercial centers

For whitecollar workers and office workers, being able to take the elevator to and from get off work in a timely in pleasant manner is a daily routine. Starting from the psychological needs of users, Yida Express Elevator integrates safe, intelligent, efficient, and energy saving technical achievements. Aiming at the prosperous office buildings, commercial centers, and large peak traffic in the morning and evening, it realizes the perfect transportation of commercial elevators with superior performance. It allows you to arrive on time and quickly whether it is commuting or business meetings. While saving you time, it will send you to your destination safely, quickly and comfortably.

Adhere to the tradition of quality, strict in design, proficient in manufacturing
Intelligent management
High speed data transmission
Green energy saving
Product design
Comfortable cabin environment
Low noise, low vibration
Safe and reliable
Easy installation
Pursue quality and improve passenger comfort. The standard cabin specially designed by EPSS for commercial elevators is made of 304 hairline stainless steel. The net height of the cabin is up to 2500mm. The control box buttons are treated with low light level, which is beautiful and practical.
Research and development of structural design and multiple shock absorption devices from EPSS, it effectively reduces irregular vibration and noise, achieves a quiet, natural, comfortable ride experience.
The components of commercial elevator series products have passed the CNAs Testing Center certification of our company by the national inspection agency, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of each elevator.
EPSS patented guide rail bracket has strong shaft applicability, easy installation and high accuracy, which greatly improves the installation efficiency and shortens the installation time by more than one third.
Modularization of cabin design
Rich cabin design module, free combination and collocation
Customized cabin space perfectly matches your building
Reduce carbon emissions from urban buildings!
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