EPSS Villa elevator is specially designed for private family users to create noble living space and take care of leisure and private time for you. The advanced vector control system can automatically calculate the running speed and accurately stop at the floor. EPSS provides you with safe, reliable and quiet ride experience.
Enjoy a free home life

EPSS intelligent elevator is a new generation elevator product based on elevator Internet, AI, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other technologies. EPSS always firmly believes that every scientific and technological progress comes from the grasp of human nature. About the villa elevator, our dream is actually very simple, that is to let you truly realize the intelligent ride experience in your exclusive home.

Adhere to the tradition of quality, strict in design, proficient in manufacturing
Intelligent management
High speed data transmission
Green energy saving
Product design
Extremely intelligent space,
Free use of space
Machine roomless design
Overhead height
Only needs 2800mm
Patent structure design to enjoy free space
Pit depth
Only needs 150mm
structural design, Get more cabin area
Enjoy a free home life
Green, make life better!
EPSS elevatorseries, while achieving excellent performance, consume less energy. Household voltage (220V) can work normally, without special transformation of the power supply system, and compatible with industrial voltage (380V), so that you can save effort. More intelligent lighting control system, every time you light up just because of your arrival. Efficient operation efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, provide you with a green, comfortable environment.
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