EPSS provides efficient and reliable transportation solutions for public transportation, such as public transportation, subway, school and so on. It can effectively meet the transportation demand of large passenger flow and long transportation time, and add momentum to the city.

Elevator solutions for public buildings and rail transit

Rail transit and public buildings bear the burden of a large number of people every day. EPSS provides efficient and reliable transportation solutions for various public environments, such as public transportation, subway, school and so on, so that people can arrive in all corners of the city. Considering the flow of people and transportation pressure in public places, EPSS products are designed with a variety of materials tested for corrosion resistance, high temperature, and multiple tests in strict laboratories. From machinery, electricity to raw materials, EPSS products are different with strict standards and high quality, so that you can feel at ease and enjoy comfort.

Adhere to the tradition of quality, strict in design, proficient in manufacturing
Intelligent management
High speed data transmission
Green energy saving
Product design
Intelligent system
Widely used
Advanced multi microcomputer control system, intuitive fault display and complete safety device ensure safe and reliable operation.

The metal truss with light weight and high strength is adopted to ensure the overall rigidity of the product; the automatic lubrication system can ensure that the product can automatically refuel the parts in time and improve the service life of the product.
Yida Express escalators and moving walks series adhere to the safe and reliable, meticulous design concept, humanized technology and elegant innovative design, integrating excellent usability and durability. The products are advanced in technology, safe and reliable. They are suitable for airports, stations, urban three-dimensional transportation hubs, large commercial buildings and hotels.
Perfect after sale service system, Let you have no worries
Careful service, 360 degree support
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