School / Hospital
It is used to transport passengers, stretchers and random medical equipment. EPSS has been tested for a long time in terms of ease of use and convenience. EPSS designed bed elevator series, from the point of view of convenient transportation of patients, using the latest control technology, the elevator runs smoothly, safe and comfortable, leveling floor accuracy to millimeter. It provides a more humanized riding tool for the patients.
Bed elevator solution

EPSS bed elevator series is peopleoriented, combined with the actual situation of medical places, from humanized design to safety considerations, from humanistic care to health concept, from convenient and practical value to comfortable and satisfactory ride experience, and strive to create a harmonious and unified hospital environment and a green space consistent with the psychological needs of medical passengers.

Adhere to the tradition of quality, strict in design, proficient in manufacturing
Intelligent management
High speed data transmission
Green energy saving
Product design
High integration intelligence, Control system
Using 32-bit CPU, master-slave CPU control each other, greatly improve the speed of data processing. The high intelligent microcomputer module set in the system implements the most safe, accurate and efficient management and control for elevator operation.
Featured safety features
Reduce carbon emissions from urban buildings!
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