AI Intelligent Decision
Intelligent early warning
Intelligent management
Analysis of resolution
Intelligent rescue
Through multi-dimensional data analysis, to forecast the future elevator safe operation trend and failure probability, to realize intelligent warning and decision-making, and to reduce the elevator failure rate and trapped rate.
EPSS intelligent elevator realizes 24-hour intelligent management, timely discovery, intelligent persuasion and automatic retention of evidence, making elevator management easier.
According to the collected feedback data to form a graphical data report, it can be more intuitive and clear to understand the elevator status, usage and other information.
After the system independently identifies the trapped person event, it independently pushes the alarm information to the property, maintenance, rescue station and government supervision department through SMS, telephone and app. Intelligent scheduling recommends the nearest rescuer to rescue and maximize the rescue efficiency. Actively appease the trapped people, visualize the interaction, and display the rescue route in real time. After the rescue is completed, the system automatically generates the event report and saves it to the platform. Combined with the video recording, the system can summarize independently.
Intelligent Hardware
Intelligent chip
Intelligent terminal
Intelligent  transmission
Intelligent camera
Intelligent display
Compared with the traditional control cabinet, the integrated control cabinet is lighter and easier to install, and can interact with cloud data. It also has the functions of fire prevention, adaptive environment temperature rise, adaptive power supply voltage drop, etc.
Integrated with a variety of sensors, with human body induction, temperature detection, high temperature alarm in machine room, power failure alarm, vibration curve acquisition and so on.
PLC (power carrier) communication filtering function is adopted, and 5G network transmission is supported. All sensor data, video acquisition data and network data are transmitted to the cloud server.
Super clear resolution lens, with day and night switching function, 3D digital noise reduction, embedded intelligent analysis module in the camera, it can detect and analyze people's body feeling, action behavior, etc.
Ultra clear resolution liquid crystal display is adopted, which can display elevator floor, running direction, elevator door status, visual interactive intercom, video playback, property announcement, rescue information display, etc.
Screen Terminal
Super clear resolution liquid crystal display is used to display elevator floor, running direction, elevator door status, elevator running score data, etc.
As a service provider, the property needs frequent information communication with the majority of owners. The original posted notice method has the problems of insufficient attention and low efficiency of information communication. EPSS smart screen provides one click release, which can accurately push all kinds of information to each elevator with pictures and text.
There are three different color interfaces: blue-green interface, advanced gray interface and golden luxury interface, which meet different architectural styles and integrate with architectural art.
Elevator information
Property notices
Three interface modes
Operation And Maintenance
Property end
Enterprise side
Maintenance side
Government side
Owner side
Through the property APP, the property management personnel can manage the elevator, and give real-time alarm to the elevator behaviors such as trapped people, blocking the door, strenuous exercise, battery car entering the elevator, so as to improve the efficiency of elevator management and improve the owner's elevator experience.
24-hour intelligent management, through multi-dimensional data analysis, predicts the future elevator safe operation trend and failure probability, realizes intelligent decision-making, timely discovery, intelligent dissuasion and automatic retention of evidence. The fault records, maintenance records, parts, production drawings, etc. in the whole life cycle of the elevator can be inquired and traced permanently.
The users of smart elevator maintenance APP include maintenance personnel of maintenance units. It is mainly used for elevator emergency rescue, fault handling, maintenance execution, fault query and other functions to realize mobile maintenance work.
Provide elevator map data display board, real-time emergency rescue dynamic tracking, dynamic supervision data, linkage governance data, etc.
Using the fragmented time of passengers to interact with passengers, attracting users through novel ways, cultivating user stickiness, and finally forming flow.
Boutique solution case